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About Gaia Holistic Health Gaia Holistic Inc is a Not-for Profit Public Foundation under 501(c)(3), approved by the United State Federal Government. Its donations are tax deductible under the law. Gaia Holistic strives for the betterment and the happiness of all sentient beings on this planet, constantly working toward dispelling of suffering through various programs and teachings. Based on Ancient Japanese traditional healing coupled with modern science of Far Infra-Red, this modality helps to reduce stress and pain (shoulder ache, backache, stomach ache, headache, knee pain, joints pain, muscle pain, etc.) to improve conditions such as chronic fatigue, constipation, rheumatism, skin problems, sports injuries, diabetes, hepatitis, problems in various organs, cancer, stroke and depression.

Gaia Holistic Health
20 West 64th Street,
New York City
United States